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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition- Herobrines Home?!? (READ DESC)

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition- Herobrines Home?!? (READ DESC)

Mason (a slightly younger gamer than Tom) met Tom from a video showcasing the Goldywood Total Miner map. Mason decided to contact Tomzgames on Xbox Live and played Total Miner with him.

Eventually, the two became good friends over the internet. Tom has made several videos with Mason since their meet around 2011.

First Appearance on Tomzgames: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Herobrine's Home?!?

Youtube: PioneerMason

XBL: MasonRacin


Steam: PioneerMason

Nintendo ID: N/A

Twitter: PioneerMason

Reddit: N/A

Real Name: Mason DeLong

Characters he has played




"What are you....? NO!"

"Ah CRAP!"

"It's a speedo? No it's a rumpo... Oh it's a Pedo van, were pedos"

"I forgot my sandwiches"


  • Mason has a very strange and odd laugh when he laughs a lot like in the CUP (Crack up points)
  • Mason has appeared in every Minecraft skit
  • Mason and Reece are cousins
  • His favorite game series is Fallout
  • Mason is usually one of the main roles in the Minecraft skits
  • He has an obsession with Quartz blocks
  • he got an xb1 for Christmas 2015
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