The Gaming Geek was a series that ran on the Tomzgames channel from mid 2014 to mid 2015. It was heavily inspired by the AVGN

the gaming geek was a short lived series. Overall it had 9 episodes, including the bonus noseasonal epilogue video (coming soon)

Season 1

1-Driv3r - ends with disc being thrown

2-MW3 - ends in game being possessed

3-Skate 3 - Game gets put in box and begins communicating

4-Saints row 3 - Geek enjoys it

5-Indie games - geek says bye

Season 2

1-PvZ GW Xbox360 - geek dies and becomes zombie

2-The Orange Box - Geek says bye

3-Gta IV - Geek says bye (Series Finale)

Non episodes

  • Montage- 1 year anniversary montage of the best moments in the series.
  • Epilogue - the geek plays skate 3 again and gets killed. This finishes off the series


  • on toms Twitter account he announced the series was officially over Oct. 15, 2015 at 11:26 PM ET
  • it is based on the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd)
  • The Gaming Geek Vs. Skate 3 explains why the series is over