The Vault (Minecraft Machinima)

The Vault (Minecraft Machinima)

The Vault is a Minecraft Machinima made by Tomzgames in July 2015. It took about a week total to make.

*Few days building map

*Couple days writing script

*2 hours recording

*3 hours editing

The Vault takes place in 2046 in New Dork City, a spoof of New York City.

References and Parodies

•Jack references the video game Fallout 4 with the parody of Rise In 4.

•Even though it wasn't seen in the video, there was a sign that said Swedish Navy Sword in Adam's Lab. This is a spoof of a Swiss Army Knife.

•The Statue of Dorkiness is a spoof of the Statue of Liberty.

•Blac-man is a parody of Pacman. (The colors of Pacman being inverted)

•A building was built like the mushroom in Mario.

• Roger and Hank have tombs in the graveyard. These are characters from an old Tomzgames Minecraft series.


  • this was originally intended to be a series but was changed to a single long video
  • this only had 2 actors in it which made what we could do very limited
  • reeces mic had issues during the recording session which is why he is hard to hear
  • this was one of the most biggest projects on the channel so far.
  • a sequel was planned but it was cancelled
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